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Cloud computing describes a new supplement, consumption and delivery model for IT services based on the Internet. Java has long been the programming language that provides structure for Web-applications, and now Java development has reached cloud applications. Find news, updates and best practices in Java dev for cloud in this topic section.


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  • continuous software development 11 Mar 2014

    Definition - Continuous software development is a blanket term that covers several aspects of an iterative application development process based on making each change when it is ready, rather than wrapping many changes into large batches.

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  • Ashesh Badani on cloud computing pain points 23 Sep 2010

    Video - Cloud computing's pain points for developers include challenges in capacity planning, "policying" and increasing needs for flexibility in programming,according to Ashesh Badani, senior director of JBOSS Enterprise Middleware for Red Hat. In this video,...

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  • Will performance be the downfall for Java 8 and Project Lambda? 21 Jan 2014

    Feature - Everyone has been anxiously awaiting Java 8 and Project Lambda that comes with it. But has the excitement blinding the Java community to the potential problems that might emerge when developers start using Lambdas en masse?

  • Don't forget about CPUs and hardware when virtualizing in the cloud 11 Jan 2014

    Feature - Many organizations are trying to improve performance by virtualizing operations and building private and hybrid clouds. But are some organizations loosing sight of the fact that virtualized hardware still needs concrete CPUs, memory and network bandwidth...

  • How can you do DevOps right if you don't even know what DevOps means? 05 Jan 2014

    Feature - DevOps has become a fun term for IT professionals to throw around, but what does the term DevOps really mean? And with so much confusion over the term, how do you know you're doing DevOps right if management and staff doesn't even know what the term...

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