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Updates to mobile applications happen daily and can be challenging to manage. Find the latest news and expert advice for managing mobile applications in this topic section. Industry insiders share their knowledge in articles, videos, webcasts, podcasts and white papers. If you're looking for the latest news and updates on mobile ALM, you'll find it here.


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  • New QUIC protocol promises faster Web apps 05 Aug 2015

    Tip - The QUIC protocol may or may not become a standard, but either way, use of the protocol could provide a performance boost for Web and mobile apps.

  • Securing mobile apps raises a new set of concerns 04 Aug 2015

    Tip - When it comes to mobile app security, can developers ever really learn from past mistakes? TheServerSide talks to software systems security expert Dan Cornell about the challenges mobile application developers face when securing mobile apps.

  • Improving software quality in every application lifecycle management (ALM) stage 23 Mar 2015

    Tip - Development lifecycles have become tremendously compressed, which means many stages of the application lifecycle management process are iterated over time and time again. Here are some lessons SFactory's Sorin Zaporojan learned throughout the ALM process.

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