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Trying to get a better understanding of mobile cloud app development? Find all your questions answered here, where experts delve into mobile cloud apps, implementation and deployment. Learn about the pitfalls of mobile app development and valuable resolutions to this issues. Find news, tips and expert advice on all things related to mobile cloud computing.


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  • Java pro digs into trends in IoT, mobile, Java 9 24 Oct 2014

    News - Java expert Barry Burd discusses trends in Java 9, mobile development and IoT at JavaOne 2014.

  • Can Microsoft Azure and push notifcations raise Minecraft to new heights? 20 Oct 2014

    News - Many are worried about Microsoft's acquisition of Minecraft, but with their Azure cloud and advancements in mobile push notifications, Minecraft game-play may soon be taken to new levels of engagement.

  • Android: The Next Generation 13 Jul 2014

    News - Google continues to invest in and improve their flagship mobile operating system, and the latest version, codenamed Android L, is no exception. New graphics, simple animations and improved flexibility are some of the features that were introduced at...

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  • From the mobile browser to the cloud: The expanding role of JavaScript 21 Jan 2015

    Feature - While originally a language confined just to the web browser, JavaScript has become a requirement for server-side developers as well, as its use in cloud based and mobile applications has become more prevalent and important than ever.

  • How realistic is your mobile testing strategy? 20 Jan 2015

    Feature - Given the unpredictable nature of the way handheld devices will be used, organizations must ensure they employ a realistic mobile testing strategy, or face the reality that problems will be a reality after deployment.

  • Will 2015 be the year of the cloud-based, mobile IDE? 14 Jan 2015

    Feature - With so many improvements in both cloud based technology and handheld devices, more and more developers want to develop in the same device they send texts with. Will 2015 be the year of the cloud-based, mobile IDE?

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