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The mobile development section offers a variety of resources for those working with mobile applications and looking for ways to improve development and mobile usage. Find the latest information on mobile application development best practices and strategies. Get ALM experts and news on mobile development in the lifecycle.


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  • Another cloud computing myth busted: PaaS isn't just for the little guy 11 Jan 2014

    Feature - It's true that many start-ups and a large number of players in the mobile space have built there systems using SaaS and PaaS providers, but if you think cloud computing is just for the 'little guy', you've bought into another one of the PaaS myths.

  • Motorola moves to make mobile and embedded development easy 05 Jan 2014

    Feature - Much has been written to address the challenges of developing applications for common Android and iOS devices, but there is a world of embedded devices that run less popular operating systems like Windows CE. Who is serving this market? Would you be...

  • Can Java and JSF on the server-side make mobile on the front end easier? 05 Jan 2014

    Feature - While many software developers are learning new programming languages to deliver native mobile solutions to users, companies like ICEsoft with their ICEmobile solutions are solving the mobile development problem with HTML5 on the front end, with Java and...

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