Mobile development and deployment

The mobile development section offers a variety of resources for those working with mobile applications and looking for ways to improve development and mobile usage. Find the latest information on mobile application development best practices and strategies. Get ALM experts and news on mobile development in the lifecycle.

Mobile development and deployment

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Mobile development and deployment News

  • June 09, 2016 09 Jun'16

    The first steps of understanding mobile security

    We live in a very mobile heavy society and many enterprises have mobility at the center of their IT strategy. As such, it can't help to understand mobile security better and equipping your ...

  • March 18, 2016 18 Mar'16

    Bridging the gap between Web and native apps

    Native applications have always been better at engaging consumers, but a new approach, called progressive app development, promises to make the browser more engaging than ever.

  • February 01, 2016 01 Feb'16

    Inside the app startup Skimble

    Expert Barry Burd talks with the co-founder of app startup Skimble about application deployment processes.

  • February 05, 2015 05 Feb'15

    IT spending in 2015: Mobility projects and cloud

    Mobile application development and cloud-based services will be focus of IT spending in 2015, according to a TechTarget survey on IT priorities.

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  • encapsulation in Java

    Java offers four different "scope" realms--public, protected, private, and package--that can be used to selectively hide data constructs. To achieve encapsulation, the programmer declares the class variables as “private” and then provides what are ... Continue Reading

  • Java abstract class

    In Java and other object oriented programming (OOP) languages, objects and classes may be abstracted, which means that they are summarized into characteristics that are relevant to the current program’s operation. Continue Reading

  • compositing

    Compositing used to create layered images and video in advertisements, memes and other content for print publications, websites and apps. Compositing techniques are also used in video game development, augmented reality and virtual reality. Continue Reading

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