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Mobile development and deployment

The mobile development section offers a variety of resources for those working with mobile applications and looking for ways to improve development and mobile usage. Find the latest information on mobile application development best practices and strategies. Get ALM experts and news on mobile development in the lifecycle.

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  • Six Steps to Accelerating Mobile App Testing 17 Jun 2015

    Feature - With software testing being one of the most time consuming steps in the application lifecycle management (ALM) process, everyone is looking at ways to speed up testing. In this article, we look at six ways to accelerate mobile application testing.

  • Mobile development looks inwards as internal facing apps gain traction 23 Apr 2015

    Feature - As enterprise moves forward to provide employees with the apps they need for maximum productivity, everything is on the table for reinvention. A mix of standardized and customized solutions will be required by big business to meet the needs of an...

  • How embedded technologies are enabling the Internet of Things (IOT) 29 Mar 2015

    Feature - From wearable devices to internet connected devices called NodeBots, embedded technologies are enabling the development of all of the cool, new devices that are colloquially being referred to as the Internet of Things (IOT).

  • From the mobile browser to the cloud: The expanding role of JavaScript 21 Jan 2015

    Feature - While originally a language confined just to the web browser, JavaScript has become a requirement for server-side developers as well, as its use in cloud based and mobile applications has become more prevalent and important than ever.

  • How realistic is your mobile testing strategy? 20 Jan 2015

    Feature - Given the unpredictable nature of the way handheld devices will be used, organizations must ensure they employ a realistic mobile testing strategy, or face the reality that problems will be a reality after deployment.

  • Seven ways to optimize mobile apps for improved performance 26 Nov 2014

    Feature - While many organizations have been developing mobile apps for years, making sure those apps are optimized in such a way that will improve performance is still a challenge. Here we look at seven simple ways organizations can optimize their mobile...

  • Advanced JSF Tutorial: The single page interface (SPI) with Facelets, Ajax and HTML5 07 Sep 2014

    Tutorial - Some say it's impossible, but if you really understand the technology, you will realize that creating a single page interface (SPI) with JSF, Facelets, Ajax and HTML really isn't all that hard. In fact, JavaServer Faces makes it pretty easy!

  • How Apple's restrictive app store policies are driving Android platform adoption 31 Aug 2014

    Feature - Wouldn't it stink to create a great mobile application, only to have Apple reject it from being published in their app store? Sadly, that's exactly what's happening, and it's helping to drive software developers to the Android platform.

  • JSF Tutorial: Completing the Ajax based Facelets application 31 Aug 2014

    Tutorial - If you're using JSF, you're probably using Facelets, and if you're creating modern web based applications, you'll likely want to use Ajax based request-response cycles. Here we conclude our tutorial on JavaServer Faces, Facelets and Ajax based...

  • HTML5 now rules the desktop, but shortcomings make it a hard sell for mobile 18 Aug 2014

    Feature - HTML5 is changing the game for both mobile and desktop developers, but that doesn't mean HTML5 is a panacea. Performance problems, a lack of tooling and missing features are causing a roadblock for some organizations, especially in the mobile space....