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The development of applications in the mobile platform is ever-changing. If you're looking for the latest news and advice on developing mobile platforms, you'll find it in this topic. Get a better understanding of application development, platform deployment and mobile app techniques. Experts in the mobile application development field bring their knowledge about platform security and sustainability.


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  • Why choose native over HTML 5 in Android development? 23 Oct 2014

    News - Author Barry Burd discusses native coding versus HTML 5 and hybrid in Android development.

  • This is where to turn when friends ask you how to program in Java 09 Aug 2014

    News - There are many introductory books about Java on the market, but for anyone who wants to learn to program, and they want to learn how to program in Java, they can't do any better than Barry Burd's Beginning Programming in Java for Dummies.

  • Android: The Next Generation 13 Jul 2014

    News - Google continues to invest in and improve their flagship mobile operating system, and the latest version, codenamed Android L, is no exception. New graphics, simple animations and improved flexibility are some of the features that were introduced at...

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