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Java web services and SOA

Loosely coupled, modular applications are easier to maintain and upgrade than large intertangled legacy applications. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) provides a set of principles or governing concepts that help enterprise architects build better, less expensive applications. Taking an SOA approach means more than just building a lot of Java Web services. Solid SOA services are highly modular, with very few (if any) dependencies, and lend themselves directly to reuse. Still, the integration of services and existing application architecture into a cohesive Web services architecture can be very challenging. Enterprise architects may do well to consider adopting not only SOA service standards, but also SOA frameworks and/or Web services frameworks.


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  • Apache Camel news from JavaOne 2011 12 Oct 2011

    Video - Apache Camel, the open source integration framework, is enjoying an upward swing in popularity as the community prepares for the upcoming release of Camel 3.

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  • Modularity thrives when microservices and SOA comes together 24 Mar 2016

    Feature - Many organizations think they need to make a choice between service oriented architectures and microservices. The fact is, the most modular solutions happen when microservices and SOA comes together.

  • When loose coupling and SOA style software layering doesn't make sense 15 Jun 2015

    Feature - Loose coupling and adding in SOA style layers don't make sense unless an application is going to be distributed. If enterprise wide distribution isn't in your application's future, stop adding in extra complexity, and collapse those layers into something...

  • Establishing a coherent API for the Internet of Things (IoT) 11 May 2015

    Feature - The rapid growth of smart devices is inspiring many developers to create applications for home monitoring, health, and other services. But these applications are dependent on early adopters that actually buy and install hardware. Read on to find out how...

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