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Web databases and data-oriented design

The database is an essential component in most Web applications. Web databases provide data storage and search ability. Without a database to write to and read from, there would be no way to maintain data persistence. Each time a user logged off their data would be lost. Good data architecture provides much more than mere data persistence, however. In today's application environment, users generate enormous amounts of data. Processing big data and turning it into useful information for the user requires application developers to take on a data-oriented design mentality.

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  • James Gosling Extols the Virtues of Hash Tables and RAM 05 May 2011

    Video - Last September when James Gosling did his BasementCoders interview, he made the following quip: “I've never got it when it comes to SQL databases. It's like, why? Just give me a hash table and a sh*tload of RAM and I'm happy.” That particular quote...