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What do you think of TheServerSide's fresh new look?

Yup, TheServerSide has a new look. If you’re a regular reader, it’s a hard change not to notice.

Personally, I’m pretty excited about it. The site itself looks fresh and modern. The design is very much in line with others in the TechTarget family, including searchSOA and the IoTAgenda, and I was worried that TSS would end up just blending into the mix, but I think the new styling allows the site to both stand on its own, while at the same time making it known that it is a part of a family of IT focused online resources. I wasn’t a big fan of the last overhaul of the site, but I’m excited about this one.

And it should be noted that this isn’t just a branding exercise. In fact, it’s more of an enhanced functionality exercise. Along with a new look and feel, there are a variety of features and functions that quite simply will make the site better.

Reminiscing about the previous redesign

One of the most frustrating impacts of the last redesign was the fact that users had no ability to comment on feature stories, and instead could only place comments on the news thread. With the new revamp, that fundamental functionality has been restored, much to the delight of both the editors and readers.

There were also little bugs in the Jive editor that did allow comments, one of which was the fact that anyone who posted code would have all of the indentations and carriage returns stripped out of them. The new platform for community members to add stories and post comments allows for the proper formatting of code. I know, TSS isn’t exactly the first site on the planet to integrate such functionality. But with that feature now integrated, it’s time to let the code comments begin!

Social media integration

There are other new features that simply modernize the site, one of which is the Twitter feed. Right now it’s only promoting the latest TSS tweets, but we’ll slowly ad trusted members to the stream so that the feed will be able to aggregate insights from some of the most experienced and respected members of the community.

And while it may not be immediately apparent, TSS now has the ability to produce more content types, including Ask the Expert articles, photo stories and even properly presented podcasts and tutorials, so not only will the site continue to provide keen insights into what’s going on in the industry and in the community, but it will be able to present that information in new and interesting ways.

And of course, the look is new. The site is much move visually appealing, using images to compliment stories, providing profile photos of regular contributors and simply presenting a variety of content types, including tutorials, videos and feature articles to users in a way that makes it easier for readers to find the content that appeals to them the most.

So take some time to click around on the site, check out the new media types, and get a feel for the site’s new layout and presentation of material. Change always takes a bit of getting used to, but we’re pretty sure that this is a change the readership will enjoy. We certainly enjoyed putting it together.

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Sorry but I think it is terrible. It is laggy and the way the various areas scroll (or not) is disturbing. You have that big header on the top and when you scroll down there comes a place where the header is suddenly replaced with a compact one and the content jumps around. And when you scroll through the main content the content on the left and right sometimes scrolls too, sometimes not.
It does break my heart to hear you're not as enthused as I am. But I respect your response and email your concerns to the design team.

I kinda like the top header. Initially it shows large, with links to your profile and big search bars, but as you say, after a quick scroll it shrinks and just maintains a few key nav links. It works well with the mobile version as well. I will agree that with small screensizes, there is something to be said for not pinning a visual element at the top of the screen so that the viewport isn't cluttered, but we decided putting it there was worth it.

I do dislike any nested scrolling and internal scrollbars. I'm doing some tests myself and can't find any internal scrolls on the landing page other than in the Twitter feed. It was designed in a way that would eliminate the need for 'inner scroll bars' so I'll look at that. Maybe it's doing that at a particular screen resolution.
The new look is certainly much improved and looks quite modern.
Makes me visit the site more often now.

Way to go TSS !!!
Looks good, but the site rarely updates with new articles. 
Thanks for the kind words, @adityagujrathi. The look and feel does play an important part, but a big part of keeping you coming back includes getting great content that you find value in reading. That's the big push too.

@funcpro The site's likely updating a lot more than you know, but the old layout made finding new content difficult. Over the past couple of years, we have consistently published 15-20 new articles per month, so that's practically one per business day. And that doesn't include the 'sometimes a little too promotional' stuff vendors put in our Jive feed. But yeah, what good is content if you can't find it? The site now pushed new articles from writers to the top and gives them a high profile.

The "Coffee Talk" link is a little skewed. We actually grabbed a few articles from the old Jive thread and posted them for the re-launch. The dates on those are scattered and makes it look like only half a dozen articles have been posted in the past few months. In hindsight, I think dating those articles like that was a bad idea on the launch, as it makes it look like very little has been posted.

Regardless, the real trick is to get you to know about content because you keep finding yourself being led hear by Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Hopefully you'll just find yourself coming back based on the quality of the content we'll be posting.

Thanks again for all the feedback.
Disturbing.  The scrolling behavior completely violates the principle of least surprise.
It's taken how many years? 2007 or so was the last update and they asked what people liked and didn't like back then, and nothing happened. And in the meantime the readership left and never came back.

Late in the day