Test your knowledge of variable naming conventions

What's the difference between snake case and camel case? Or kebab case and pascal case? Try this 10-question variable naming quiz to learn more about programming variables.

New developers can easily become overwhelmed or even confused by the vast number of terms and definitions associated with their profession.

In particular, one of the biggest challenges that software developers face is what to call their variables and methods. Regardless of what developers choose, a variable or method must comply with variable naming conventions that are consistent with their project, their organization and the software development language where implemented.

There are several different terms used to describe how variables are cased and compounded together. Some of the most popular include:

  • Kebab case
  • Screaming snake case
  • CamelCase
  • Pascal case
  • Train case
  • Dromedary case
  • Flat case

This 10-question variable naming terminology quiz will test your knowledge of these descriptive terms for how variable names are structured.

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