Java project management

Project management is a major component of server-side application development. Having talented coders who are capable of writing intricate and innovative components is not enough. Enterprise applications require architects and software project managers that can oversee Java project management, organizing those talented Java developers into a cohesive development effort. Learn how to better manage an enterprise Java development team with project management tips, development lifecycle tutorials, news and advice on Agile methodologies, and application lifecycle management (ALM) coverage including requirements gathering, design, testing and deployment.

Java project management News

  • August 08, 2022 08 Aug'22

    Java Ternary Operator

    Quickly learn how to use the Java ternary operator and see how this simple programming construct can help make your conditional logic, if statements and return statements more clear and concise.

  • August 08, 2022 08 Aug'22

    Java Scanner User Input Example

    This tutorial on how to use the Java Scanner for user input will quickly show you how to import java.util, take String, int, double and char input, and teach you the difference between the ...

  • July 24, 2022 24 Jul'22

    How to format a Java String with printf example

    The Java String printf method makes adding and formatting text incredibly easy. In this quick tutorial, you'll learn by example how to format, justify, pad and case output printed with Java's ...

  • July 23, 2022 23 Jul'22

    Java Scanner String input example

    Java's Scanner class provides a simple and effective way to handle user input. In this simple example, we show how to use Java's Scanner for String input with methods like next(), nextLine() and ...

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