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Learn Maven tutorial for beginners

Java developers absolutely must learn Maven.

Maven is the most popular and pervasive build tool in the Java world. Even if you don't use Maven directly, alternatives such as Gradle, Jenkins or Ivy likely use some Maven technologies under the covers.

Learn Apache Maven from scratch

So how does someone new to Java get started learning Apache Maven? With the basics, of course. That's exactly what this Maven tutorial for beginners provides.

This friendly and easy-to-follow course will help you learn Maven from scratch, starting with a basic installation of Java and the JDK, and the download and installation of the Apache Maven build tool itself. Then this walkthrough logically and progressively covers incrementally more advanced topics.

Maven crash course tutorial topics

By the end of this hour-long video tutorial, you'll leave having learned a variety of advanced topics, including the following:

  1. What developers can do with Apache Maven.
  2. How to download, install and configure Maven.
  3. Which of the core Maven commands to use.
  4. How Maven compares to Gradle.
  5. How to compile, test and deploy Java apps in Maven.
  6. When to use Apache Maven plugins.
  7. How to resolve Maven dependencies.
  8. How to build cloud-native microservices with Maven.
  9. How to use Maven and Jenkins together.
  10. How to use Apache Maven with Docker images.

Apache Maven isn't hard to learn. Invest about an hour of your time into this Maven tutorial for beginners, and you'll quickly gain competency with the Java platform's most popular, open source build tool.

Cameron McKenzie has been a Java EE software engineer for 20 years. His current specialties include Agile development, DevOps and container-based technologies such as Docker, Swarm and Kubernetes.

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