Standardizing app staging a key benefit to a Java configuration API

While Docker containers, cloud-based systems and big data processing engines tend to steal headlines, other important technological advances often fly under the radar, even when those advances have the potential to positively and significantly impact the way enterprise system software is developed and deployed. While it is only a proposal at the moment, the Java Configuration JSR is one of those projects that is flying under the radar of many software developers, despite the fact that its acceptance and integration into the language could have a variety of positive impacts.

So what exactly is the benefit of having a configuration standard as part of Java and Java EE?

"Having a configuration JSR means you can standardize different configuration methods," said Mike Croft, head of support services at Payara. "You can write a configuration for your development, test and production environment, and it's all standard and it will interoperate between different platforms and different implementations."

Java configuration standard moves forward

Having a Java configuration JSR means you can standardize different configuration methods.
Mike Croft, head of support services at Payara

Aggressive proposals have been put forward for going from a JSR submission to a final release of a configuration API in late 2017, although that timetable seems both optimistic and aggressive. But it does appear that there is a great deal of support for an API that standardizes configuration, both from the Java community and from the stewards of the language at Oracle. That combination bodes well for the API, although it should be kept in mind that this type of a language feature has been talked about for several years and then deferred. But the overall feeling is that an implementation is likely to come about soon. "It really seems like Oracle has been listening to the community," said Croft. "Which I think is really positive."

To hear more about the benefits of having a standardized Java configuration API, along with his insights on how container-based technology is changing the way application servers are developed, along with how microservices are being deployed, listen to the full interview between TheServerSide's Cameron McKenzie and Payara's Mike Croft.

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