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    If you're a Spring framework user, then you're likely an adept follower of the many complementary tools and projects developed by the company that brought you the core framework. This post explains a recently unveiled tool named Spring Roo, a code generator that makes it quicker and easier to create and evolve Spring applications See the SpringSource's team blog post 'Jump into Roo for extreme Java productivity': Go to Spring Roo's main page:

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    Code generation for Spring has been around for a while. The follow blog post discusses Spring Roo, Skyway Builder and code generation.
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    I have responded to the specifics raised in Skyway's blog in the response section of their entry. A permanent archive of the response is also available here. Cheers Ben
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    Just recently came to know about roo, seems promising SN jsptube
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    Can't it be made an eclipse plugin !! That would make it more easier...