Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: Sending a set of forms from one terminal to another terminal

  1. A set of forms are displayed to the user(Sub-ordinate). He will enter the data on the forms and once he is satisfied with the data,he will accept the data. When he accepts the data the set of forms will be sent to another terminal (supervisor) to popup, who will authorise the data on the forms. The response whether he accepted or declined the data will be sent back to the sub-ordinate.

    What is the right approach, I can use to implement this?
  2. Store the data accepted by the sub-ordiante onto a database with some indicator. Provide a workflow list to the supervisor to view the data accepted by the sub-ordinate and approve it! You can use some simple JSP / Javabeans for this project. I am suggesting database for persisting data, you may use other data caching techniques as suitable.

    PS: You may alternatively try to evaluate some workflow engines for this task.