News: TierDeveloper 1.0 J2EE edition announced

  1. TierDeveloper 1.0 J2EE edition announced (3 messages)

    AlachiSoft has announced version 1.0 of TierDeveloper, an object to relational mapping and source code generation tool for developing J2EE 3-Tier applications with WebLogic, WebSphere, iPlanet, and JBoss. Tier Developer is available for trial download.

    Visit http://www.alachisoft.com.

    Press Release
    AlachiSoft has announced version 1.0 of TierDeveloper, an object to relational mapping and source code generation tool that lets you rapidly develop complex J2EE 3-Tier applications with WebLogic, WebSphere, iPlanet, and JBoss.

    Download 30-day trial from http://www.alachisoft.com.

    TierDeveloper lets you map your middle-tier objects to your database tables, put sophisticated SQL in them, and generate fully-working EJBs (Session Beans and BMP/CMP Entity Beans). It also generates a fully-functional JSP application to let you test EJBs. You can also generate HTML-based design documents.

    TierDeveloper simplifies the complexities of J2EE for you and lets you develop real-life complex J2EE applications in matter of days instead of months.


    - J2EE with BEA WebLogic
    - J2EE with IBM WebSphere
    - J2EE with iPlanet
    - J2EE with JBoss
    - Java Objects on JSP/Servlet Engines
    - Microsoft .NET with C# and VB.NET
    - Microsoft Windows DNA with C++ and VB 6.0


    - Oracle
    - IBM DB2
    - Microsoft SQL Server

  2. You know, if somebody ever sells an O/R tool for under $1000 and one that does not require different versions for different platforms/application servers could actually make quite a lot of money.
  3. I agree with you. The reason for higher prices is because O/R Mapping tools as a concept are still new and economies of scale haven't kicked in yet. TierDeveloper prices are lower than most other tools. We also have a Java Standard Edition that sells for $1500 if you're doing Java Objects on JSP/Servlet Engines.

  4. In short, this is a good code generation tool and, for a v1.0, its not at all bad. It is very intuitive to use, well laid out and does some nice things like generate build scripts for stand-alone use later and/or deploy direct to your appserver. It has a lot of promise and, priced sensibly, it could be quite a handy tool.

    Whether or not it is classed as an O-R mapping tool, I am not so sure.
    It can generate "O-R mapping" code - but it is more of a code generation tool than an O-R mapping tool - its not really in the same league as Toplink etc. The reason is simple - there is no run-time platform.
    With this tool, the generated O-R mapping code is very simple code - there is no support for caching, no support for tuned updates and no support for distributed caching or notification.

    I would say that this has more to do with the price difference than economies of scale....

    However, as a tool for generating the tedious database persistance code, it gives you quite a good start - generating DAO's or BMP beans. You may still need to spend some time with the code, optimising the database access - but the grunt work is done.

    Fortunately, it does generate CMP entity beans - thereby generating EJB code where the performance taken care of by the CMP container.

    Unfortunately, there is no support for EJB2.0. It really does need to add this functionality to be a really valuable tool.

    The .Net support is interesting - it can generate C# or VB.NET database access code (DAO's) - but I understand there are moves afoot to address persistance on the .Net platform... so I am not sure where it will fit in there.

    In short, this tool could take care of a lot of tedious database access code. It is worth a look.