Performance and scalability: Who have made a performance test with ECperf kit in JBoss ?

  1.   We want to use Jboss and postgresql as a application platform for our middle-scale applications,so we want to know the performance and scalability of this combination.
      We use ECperf Kit 1_0_02 , and deploy it in JBoss 2.2.2-tomcat 3.2.2 and postgresql 7.1. The Jboss and database server is running in Redhed Linux 7.1 and in same machine.
      We set txRate to 1, and run the benchmark. But we found many transaction is timeout and rollbacked, and the most often message from jboss is
      Why this occurs? Have anyone else tested jboss use ECperf kit?
  2. I don't remember the cause of this problem, but I suggest upgrading to JBoss 2.4.
  3.   As you said, the reason that cause this problem is that we
    use jboss 2.2.2?
  4. I'm guessing. JBoss 2.2.2 is very old.

    I suggest you ask this question in the JBoss forum at http://main.jboss.org.
  5.   thanks, i did it