News: Review of Major New Developments in the Web Services World

  1. The last few days have seen numerous major announcements int the Web Services world.

    Microsoft, IBM and others have offered the WS-Security specs to OASIS with Suns participation; they also guaranteed no royalties. Sun, BEA, Intalio and SAP have unveiled the "Web Service Choreography Interface" spec. IBM has released the WebSphere SDK for Web Services and giving two of its Web Services products to Apache. Systinet has released WASP 4.0 with a free license option.

    Read Microsoft, IBM offer WS-Security spec to OASIS, and Sun will join the initiative.

    Read Systinet announces WASP 4.0 Web services suite with new pricing structure.

    Read Sun, BEA, others publish Web Service Choreography Interface.

    Check out the IBM WebSphere SDK for Web Services (WSDK) and read about the SDK and the donations.
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