EJB design: Where can i get EJB software as freeware

  1. Where can i get EJB software as freeware (4 messages)

       currently I need EJB sw to work. I didn't get any useful message where to get freely downloadable EJB version.

    can U please help me?

    Ganesh babu
  2. Hi,

    You can get evaluation copies of WebLogic or Inprise Application Server they will work for you for few weeks. Or you can get JRun 3.0 it for free for development. All of them support EJB 1.1.

    Best regards,

  3. http://www.jboss.org
  4. well u can go to
    u can download now its sixth version
    it has no problems for setting classpaths or etc
  5. Try http://www.orionserver.com
    First rate product.
    Contains JSP EJB JNDI. 100% java. Runs on my sorry windows 98.