XML & Web services: Anyone knows of a good open source beanmaker?

  1. Anyone knows of a good open source beanmaker? (2 messages)

    I found one on http://sourceforge.net/projects/beanmaker/. It is not very good. 1.1 has bugs, but 1.0 seems ok. I just don't trust it very much. Anyone knows of another one that's better?
  2. I haven't used it myself but Castor source generator seems to allow the generation of java bean classes from an xml file.


  3. Hi,

    Have you try the combination Eclipse and lomboz plugin?
    This plugin provides an elegant way to create, develop and deply J2EE applications for JBoss and Weblogic.

    If you do not use Websphere and are therefore not linked to WSAD, give it a try, it really worths it.