News: Apache Cactus 1.4 J2EE Unit Testing Framework Released

  1. Cactus 1.4 (part of the Apache Jakarta project) is now available for download. Cactus is a simple test framework for unit testing server-side java code (Servlets, EJBs, Tag Libs, Filters) that uses and extends the jUnit framework. V1.4 includes many new improvements, including the ability to assert for specific HTTP response codes.

    Check out Jakarta Cactus.

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  2. Java-based testing tools

    These tools are open source:







  3. Thanks Sean. :)
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    These are open source:








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    You left the best one off of the list.

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    Why is it the best one?
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    For those who are using Eclipse/WSAD, there is also an open source plug-in available, fully integrated with the IDE:


    Based on a built-in Web proxy and a concept of extraction, replacement, and assertion rules (which can all be driven by regular expressions), Solex provides functions to record a client session, adjust it according to various parameters and replay it. This is typically aimed at ensuring the non-regression of a Web application's behavior.

  8. Solex's problems[ Go to top ]

    Did someone allready use Solex in a real world environment.
    I experienced some problems and would like to talk about, as I don't find much info about it.
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    http://sourceforge.net/projects/grinder/ also good one for Weblogic
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    Are there any open source testing tools for front end ie. jsp pages instead of having people manually clicking on the pages to test them?
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    The best we've found:

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    Thats what <http://www.httpunit.org> is for.
  13. Bean-test for EJB testing[ Go to top ]

    Though not open source, don't forget about Beantest from Empirix for EJB performance testing:

    I found a review of it by the Apex Consulting Group.


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    Checkout the automated testing suite from AppPerfect which includes Functional Tester, Load Tester, Profiler, Unit Tester and Code Analyser. Functional Tester can test the front end for Web, Windows, .NET, applets, Java applications.
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    Grinder is not just for weblogic. We use it a lot for load and (simple) functional testing. We also tried jmeter but the version at the time had a memory leak and died after an hour's worth of load testing.
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    Hi Ken,

    Could you please take contact with me. I would like ask you somme think about your post.

          fabio dot restrepo at a3 dot epfl dot ch

  17. I heard there was a Struts test suite. Anyone know of it?
  18. http://sourceforge.net/projects/strutstestcase/

    Srutstestcase extends Cactus and works great.
  19. Checkout the complete testing suite from AppPerfect which includes Functional Tester, Load Tester, Profiler, Unit Tester and Code Analyser. Its standard version if free to use.
  20. First alpha release of Bugkilla today one sourceforge


    Record and play back SUNs petstore
  21. Just another one http://logitest.sourceforge.net/.
  22. and another one