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  1. Converting Word and Excel documents to PDF (2 messages)

    I need to read a word and/or excel document from a JMS message queue, convert the document to PDF, and store it in a content management system. The application we are developing is a J2EE application so I would like to avoid using threads to monitor folders.

    I would greatly apprechiate any help on how to do the coversion from Word/Excel to PDF.

    Thanks in advance
  2. ActivePDF.com do a com based solution to this, I used it by wrapping it up as a web service (using .NET) and calling it from Java. I don't know of any mature java products that di this, but have a look at POI

    Good luck !

  3. Excel to pdf free trial[ Go to top ]

    I just found this excel to pdf free trial:http://www.tweakpdf.com/excel-to-pdf.html