TSS feedback: New to TSS and have trouble in searching the information

  1. Hi,guys.I'm new to TSS.
    When i used the search function of this site to find something,i found that i can get how many documents match the key words,even the link to the next result page,but no contents.i mean i can't get the links to the article what i want.
    Is there anyone can tell me how to do with it?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I don't know exactly what your problem is, but I have also had problems with TSS's search function. Until the TSS guys fix this, I use google's "search in site" function, and it works pretty well. You can download the google toolbar to use it (it can also be used without it, I don't remember how exactly).

  3. Eventually we are probably going to do something cool like integrate the search feature with google, using Web Services. :)