EJB programming & troubleshooting: Stateless Session Bean remotely using weblogic remotely

  1. Question:

    Has anyone out there written a Java program, running on a box without
    WebLogic, which accessed a Stateless Session Bean which was was hosted
    on another machine in WebLogic? What other class libraries (JNDI, ?) are
    necessary to do this without having to deploy the class libraries which
    come with WebLogic? I can do this if WebLogic is deployed on the box
    which wants to use the Stateless Session Bean but I don't want to put
    WebLogic on this box.

    This is WebLogic 4.5.2.

  2. I am not sure of License issues but classes under classes directory of your weblogic and weblogicaux.jar (can be found in weblogic installation lib) shoudl be in class path to run weblogic clients.