EJB programming & troubleshooting: check out xpetstore, a version of petstore that uses xDoclet

  1. I've just released an initial version of xPetStore.
    xPetStore is a subset of Sun Pet Store application that uses xDoclet
    With xPetStore, you will learn:
        * How to create EntityBeans (with local and remote interfaces)
        * How to create SessionBeans (with local and remote interfaces)
        * How to create MessageDrivenBeans
        * How to use CMP 2.0, EJBQL and CMR
        * Generate deployment descriptor for different vendors

    For the moment, xPetStore works very well with JBoss.
    Im working hard to port it to other application servers.

    Get it at
  2. For those of you who are experienced developers, is this something I, an inexperienced developer, should be interested in?
  3. yes.
    because it shows you how to use the xDoclet tags. Then you don't have to worry about Remote/Local/Home interfaces and deployment descriptors.
    xDoclet generate all the files for you. You just have to concentrate on the business logic.