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    Hello again. I just wanted to let Floyd know that the videos still do not work. I am running WindowsXP with the latest versions of Media Player and Internet Explorer. The error message is in a previous post (3 posts down actually). I would imagine that others must be having the same problems since this computer is running from an almost clean install.

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    Ken, I hate to say this but this might be a network configuration issue on your side. Could you have a router or a corporate firewall that is blocking certain ports? Have you tried accessing the video's from a different computer in a different location to see if it still doesn't work?

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    No, I'm very sure there is no firewalls or anything like that. I even called the ISP and asked if they are blocking any ports and they told me that they didn't. I used to be able to view them before though. I really don't know how to fix this.
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    Ken, please email me at floyd@middleware-company.com so we can troubleshoot faster.