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  1. can we deploy EAR in Tomcat 4.1.18..? (1 messages)

    Hello everyone,

    I have been using tomcat for long but never deployed any EAR.I wanted to know does tomcat support EAR deployment.
    I am aware we can deploy WAR files though..

  2. No, Tomcat doesnt support EAR files since it is only a web container. You need an EJB container in order to deploy an EAR. JBOSS works well with Tomcat (it has a version with embedded Tomcat too). JBOSS has a 'deploy' directory where you can place your EAR and thats it. Its hot deploys it when it notices a new EAR.

    Of course...Im going under the assumption that you have an EAR because you have EJB's in your app.