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      Iam trying to depoly a stateless session bean.I declared both the home n local home interfaces n the local n remote interfaces.
      In the ejb-jar.xml DD,i define the local home and EJBLocalObject interfaces using <local-home> n <local> tag elements under <enterprise-beans><session> sub elemnt.
    When i build the project-try to compile the project(using JBuidler 9),i get an error saying that 'local-home' is not defined.I mean these 2 interfaces ,.class files r not getting added to the manifest file which gets automatically generated when i build the project.

    is <local-home> and <local> tag valid tags in ejb-jar.i think they r.why am i gettign the error.please clarify my doubt


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    Check DTD for ejb-jar:



    Slava Imeshev