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    i am in the process of installing and cofiguring MySQL connector. I need help as to how to start using the software? I have installed the '.tar.gz' file under Debian Linux.

    Can someone out there, help me with starting the jdbs connection and a li'l advise on how to use it will be greatly appreciated.

    I tried the URL mentioned on the MySQL site's documentation --jdbc:mysql//[hostname:portname]/[datebase name] ---- unfortunately, it doesn't work.



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  2. These worked for me:


    Remember you have to have the mysql jdbc jar available to your server. If you download my war at http://www.fdsapi.com it has the capability to sort any ResultSet by clicking on the html tables column header. The demo works with MySQL.

    steve - http://www.fdsapi.com - The easiest way to generate dynamic xml and html.
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    This is a pretty good article to get you started.