EJB design: Download EJB-book can not be printed, can any one help me?

  1. hi,
    I downloaded Ed Roman's Mastering Enterprise Javabeans in PDF format. But I can not print it. who can help me?
  2. I got help for U Buddy![ Go to top ]

     Dear friend,
                  The tutorial you've downloaded is in PDF format. PDF format can be opened only if you have an Acrobat Reader installed in your machine,if you don't have one download the evaluation version and install it in your system.One more thing you can't select any text(all select Copy Paste techniques won't work here! because it's a picture!). But you can take a printout of the contents.If you still have any problems you can email me at : sound at wowmail dot com . I hope you get the point.

                                            Your s friendly
  3. Hi ,

     fine. if u want to open pdf file extension. please Acrobat Reader installed in your systems after that open that file that is useful to print.

  4. The cuestion isn't how to read the .pdf else how to PRINT the book. I think it´s a protected .pdf, and the protection consists in make unavailable printing.
  5. Hi,

    Oh, The book is protected by the author, so you only can read this by Acrobat reader. if you want to print, copy text, you must have a password for UnProtect that document.

    Pls send your Email add to me. I will help u to do that!

    Hope this will help
  6. Hi,
    In your reply to the question downloaded EJB-book cannot be printed,you said we should know the password for unprotecting the document.
    Here is my mail id: mrunalini at mailcity dot com.
    could you tell how to unprotect and print the document.

  7. Hi,
     I have also downloaded the EJB Book. Can you help me, how i can print document. The book is of great use

  8. Hi,
     I have also downloaded the EJB Book. Can you help me, how i can print document. The book is of great use.

     My email addresss is prakishk at yahoo dot com

     Can you help me out pls.

  9. I know a crack tool can remove the password of pdf,you can download it at http://www.cnejb.com/tools/APDFPR.zip
  10. Hi,

    But this tool is unregistered version.. with which we cann't make the edroman book as printable..
    Is there is any other option..

  11. Hi,
    I downloaaded APDFPR.zip,as you said, is a tool to remove password of pdf files,but still edroman book is unprintable.
    could you help me please.
    my mail id is : mrunalini at mailcity dot com
  12. Hi,
    I think iam a bit late.I have also downloaded the book in pdf format.Can u also help me to print the book removing the password.
    My Email is ssdap at yahoo dot com
    Thank U Very Much
  13. can you please send me the password for the document so that I can print it. my e mail addr jrajeevk at hotmail dot com

  14. Hi..

    Can u please help me to make the protected .pdf file as printable..?

    My mail id is v_saran at sify dot com

    Thanks in advance..