XML & Web services: cgicmd.dat not working in Oracle Report 10g

  1. I configured key mapping in cgicmd.dat on the report server machine,

    My key in cgicmd.dat is
    mykeys: userid=%1/%2@%3
    mykeys1: userid=%1/%2@%3 %*

    here is the url i am trying to pass


    Here cmdkey=mykeys+fmsprod_app+citycab1+ifmstest is the key map value i am passing through the url

    Error upon passing the url is

    REP-52005: The specified key "mykeys fmsprod_app citycab1 ifmstest" does not exist in key map file.

    Can any one help me what wrong with my code. Am i doing this in a right way....

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  2. Wrong url[ Go to top ]

    Thats because you are mixing + and & as the separator.

    Here you have used + as separator

    Here you have used & as separator

    You need to use one of them either + or &

    I have verified that the key works fine

    Hope this helps