EJB design: question about design of model and utility classes used EJBs

  1. I'm using BEA Weblogic8.1 and Borland JBuilder X.

    I created some Stateless Session Beans and CMP Entity Beans. There're also some utility classes and data model classes. For each entity bean, there's a corresponding model class implementing serializable interface.

    Web applications would interact with EJBs through utility classes and model classes. so utility and model classes are shared by EJBs and Web application.

    my question is that how should I organize utility and model classes? Should I include the shared utility and model classes in both WARs and EJBs?

    any help appreciated!!!
  2. What I think is the WAR file should only include utility classes while the JAR file of EJB should have the model classes.I would recommend EAR for the entire product.
  3. The setup given below should work fine for WLS 8.1

    APP-INF/lib/<common classes shared betn. web and EJB>.jar
    <ejb files>.jar
    <web files>.war