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    I've got a problem with VoiceXML and Struts. I have a JSP/VoiceXML page with the following:

    <grammar xml:lang="pl-PL" version="1.0" root="ROOT">
    <rule id="ROOT" scope="public">
    <logic:present name="userList">
    <logic:iterate name="userList" property="users" id="user" scope="request">
    <item><bean:write name="user" property="userName"/></item>

    When this page is called, i get the error:

    [05-02-18 11:43:11:349 CET] 71c671c6 WebGroup I SRVE0180I: [StrutsUMWeb] [/StrutsUMWeb] [Servlet.LOG]: /voice/userlist.jsp: init
    [05-02-18 11:44:24:711 CET] 71c671c6 WebGroup E SRVE0026E: [Servlet Error]-[Cannot find bean user in any scope]: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: Cannot find bean user in any scope

    When i use the same backend, with output to the JSP/HTML page, with the same iteration and the same bean tags everything works fine.. what could be wrong?
  2. Is your voice-broser maintaining a session?