XML & Web services: Any opinion on simple Messenger facade for JMS from Apache?

  1. Any opinion on simple Messenger facade for JMS from Apache/commons?
    Did anybody use it in real application development?
    Any issues with it? Pro Cons. Is it worth to use?

    Can anybody suggest good facade or interface based abstraction framework for JMS 1.1?
    Connection/Session Pooling, Subscription, Threading, namespace, destination and payload versioning, ect. issues

    "Messenger is a facade over the JMS API making it easy to use JMS and hiding much of the complexity of reading and configuration. A Messenger will internally associate a JMS Session with the calling thread so that all methods called in the same thread (such as inside a Servlet or taglib) will use the same JMS Session."
  2. I found SpiritWave JMS provider was using Apache's Messenger.

    Spring framework aslo could be used as JMS facade.