EJB design: Passing vast amounts of data to the client...

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    I'm trying to conceive of the best design to tackle this. I'm envisaging a scenario where there's so much data many calls will need to be made from the client (imagine a search engine) to view it all.

    Can someone suggest a good model for me, or perhaps suggest some links? I would appreciate it.

  2. There is a great article on this at the developer.bea.com site. It's a long and involved article, but the basic jist that the author recommends is to defer most of the complex paging logic to the database so that you will get optimized, just in time data loading (you will only load and send the data that the client is requesting when the client requests it).

    Take a look at:

    Take it easy and good luck!
  3. Tyler

    Thanks for your recommendation - this is indeed a very good article.