News: JAFS 0.9.9 : Completing the open source java enterprise suite.

  1. JAFS is an enterprise class Java FTP servers engine. The project has been designed for easy extensibility or modification for integration needs. The servers and FTP sessions are managable via a complete JMX interface.

    We're glad to announce today the third JAFS release which brings major changes to the project:
    With this new release, the Java Open Source enterprise suite has now a full featured FTP server. What features do you think it needs that it doesn't have already? Should features like this be addressed as part of Java, Enterprise Edition?

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  2. Congrats guys.

    BTW is JAFS easy to configure in Spring?
    What features do you think it needs that it doesn't have already?

    A JBI component :). Then we can deploy it inside a JBI container like ServiceMix.

  3. Hi James

    JAFS main entry class is an Avalon component, unfortunatly I have no experience with Spring but since both are IOC frameworks I presume that creating or using an existing a bridge shoudn't be to difficult.

    Concerning the JBI container I'll give it a try :O) It will be a good opportunity to play with ServiceMix.

  4. the feature list rocks![ Go to top ]

    need i say more?
  5. the feature list rocks![ Go to top ]

    need i say more?

    Don't beleive what is written in this list! This is only commercial BxxxSxxx ;o)
  6. Avalon?[ Go to top ]

    Isn't Avalon a dead project?
  7. Avalon?[ Go to top ]

    Yes unfortunatly Avalon is a dead project but JAFS is using only the avalon framework api which provides all what is needed for IOC, so this is not a real problem.

    This API is still maintained by the Excalibur Avalon project fork.
  8. This does look very cool. The only things that jump into my mind are WebDAV and CIFS server support, and dynamic file generation. It would be cool if the underlying "stuff" works the same, but just protocols.

    The dynamic file generation could proxy to a java class to generate the content on the fly.

    Just a couple of ideas, that might be interesting to see.
  9. Completing the java enterprise suite[ Go to top ]

    Misleading title. Collaborative Source!=Open Source. Stellar example of someone trying to piggy back on success of OSS.
    Too bad people can call anything open source these days without fear of reprisal.
    I have no issues with people making proprietary software, but eroding what open source means makes me angry.
    Licence is NOT OSI approved thus calling it open source is dishonest.
  10. Completing the java enterprise suite[ Go to top ]

    Hi Jan,

    Nice to meet you.

    Well you're right Collaborative Source!=OSI Open Source.
    This was a misleading use of the OS term.
    I used this term since we're providing the source code.
    It was not in my intention to be "dishonest" and upset you or other OSI contributors.
    I swear I won't use this term again for this project :o)

    And if you still think we're "Bad" or "Piggy" people, you can take a look at our other OSI compliant project UPNPLib.
    I hope it will help to prove you that we're also giving our contribution to to Open Source Initiative.


  11. Completing the java enterprise suite[ Go to top ]

    Hi C. Munger
    Sorry about my harsh comments. I guess that your use of open source in your announcement was probably not intentionally misleading therefore labeling you as dishonest was wrong.
    Open source is not yet clearly defined and everyone doesn't share my opinion that OSI approval is the best requirement if open source is going to have any clear meaning at all.
    With FUD and embrace-extend-destroy-tactics being used so often it is easy to get a little paranoid.
    I think its great you also contribute to products under OSI approved licence, but that wouldn't make me more lenient towards intentionally misleading use of "open source".
    Best of luck with your product.