News: C2B2 releases iPoint, the Collaborative Open Source Portal

  1. C2B2 has released iPoint, a JSR-168 compatible portlet container. iPoint has passed the JSR168 TCK and is designed so that the portal can be built from the browser.

    iPoint portal contains many prebuilt portlets and features complete browser based management and site construction. You only need to delve into code when you need to create a new portlet or change the template layout.

    This is a first release to the Open Source community so any ideas, criticisms and suggestions are welcome.

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  2. Internal Server Error[ Go to top ]

    A good first move would be to resolve the 500 errors I am seeing when I hit the link.
  3. This has been fixed[ Go to top ]

    Apologies, this has been fixed. We suffered a DOS attack which took out the Server.