Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: classpath setting for j2sdkee2_0 on solaris and weblogic server

  1. I have servlet which calls bunch of jsp files. that was
    developed in jdk1.1.7. i couldn't able to compile the servletonce i moved the files from unix system to other where it has a new j2sdkee2_0 install.

    Could any one give me the solution on setting the
    classpath for compiling the servlet and running in

    Thank you
  2. I will checkup the configuraion on my weblogic5.1 installation and will let you know the steps..

    Girish Bhatia
  3. Well i appreciate your kindness
  4. Hi,
     You will have to either register all your individual servlets or your servlet class directory in the weblogic property file.
  5. well sunil i have only once servlet which is unable to
    import the classpath and i have problem with
    import javax.servlet.http.* which is not accessed in JDK 1.2 and i need to passa variable in J2sdkee to import it each time. and for that i need to kill the java process .
    This makes life complicated.

    Oh god whats happening.