EJB programming & troubleshooting: Setting class path in VCafe for deploying EJB to weblogic

  1. Hi

    I am trying to use the Visual Cafe functionality to deploy an enterprise bean to weblogic. I get the error:

    Internal VM (13:00:36): Can't find class weblogic/ejbc

    I checked the project options and I have the directory for input class files, setup as : D:\weblogic\classes. Now the actual class file is in weblogic\ejbc.class under the above directory..

    Is this the way to specify the class path or am I missing something here.. Thanks for your help in advance

  2. Hi shiva,

    Check this website for further assistance.


    hope this will help you alot.

  3. Shiva,

    At this moment I can not check in VCafe, but try to add the same directory (D:\weblogic\classes) in the 'Internal VM' tab of project options and restart VCafe again.

    I am not sure of the order of tabs.

    Good luck !!