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    My major application database is on one server. Part of the database resides on some other server. Is there is any way by which i can access the data which resides on the other serverm by changing only the connecivity part in the JSP code. My database is on ORACLE.
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  2. sure u can do that. when u connect to database using JDBC u specify the database URL which identifies which database u r connecting to. and the database URL contains the IP address or the NETBios name of the actual machine u r connecting to. so u just need to change the IP address to point it to corrrect database.

  3. kapil,
         Got the reply but still not fully clear,is the technique mentioned by you similar to the thin driver
     concept in jdbc.Since to connect to different database
     server i require to get the jdbcdriver for that server,
     through which i can proceed for connection etc.