EJB programming & troubleshooting: MDB Listener Port Health Check in WAS 6.0

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    Hi guys, I have to prepare a health check on MDB Listener ports in WAS 6.0 server. The check is targeted to be done automatically which notification email will be sent out to support team for follow-up when any posts go stopped. However, I didn't find any ways, such as API, to retrieve status of the posts except checking them through WAS Admin Console... Does anyone have done the same thing before and could give me some suggestions on this? Thanks a lot.
  2. Have a look the SelfDiagnose runtime check tool. It has a task that can check whether the listener port is started. I have been using that for many services currently running on WAS 5.1. You can change the JMX query if IBM changed it in WAS 6. http://selfdiagnose.sourceforge.net/