EJB programming & troubleshooting: How to deploy Enterprise JavaBeans in JBoss.pls help me any body

  1. what are the deployment steps for to follow while deploying seesionbean,CMP,BMP,JMS in JBoss server.i am using Eclipse3.1 IDE.pls help me..
  2. Hey, For deploying in jboss , u just need to copy your ear file in deploy directory . Thats It.... For CMP : we need to create appropriate DataSource For MDB : We need to create appropriate Queues and topics. For SB : They just work fine. For easy deployment you can download jboss Eclipse IDE from jboss site. Its free and deployment is like Damn easy. Peace. Sanket Raut
  3. Hi Dont get tension in tomcat or weblogic u can place folder no need to create jar file for deploying but in jboss u need to create compulsary jar file. try urself Thanks&Regards Kotaiah Katragada Chowdary