EJB programming & troubleshooting: urgently! when using examples of book"Mastering...."

  1. urgently! when using examples of book"Mastering...." (2 messages)

       I meet trouble when practice the example in Chapter 8 of booK:Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans and the Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition.
       I want to create deployment Descriptor:
          java weblogic.ejb.utils.DDCreator -d classes deployment\DeploymentDescriptor.txt
       The following error occur:
         Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError :weblogic/ejb/utils/DDCreator

    I can not correct the problem. Pls give me a help.Many thanks.


  2. hi
      If u r using EJB1.1, there is no option of creating deployment descriptors. Instead u create ejb-jar.xml file inside meta-inf directory(create a directory by name meta-inf in the place where u r placing ur beans). u can copy a sample ejb-jar.xml file from the examples directory of weblogic and edit it accordingly. Now create a jar file with ur class files and meta-inf\xml file.
    That 's it
  3. If you are using EJB1.0, then the classpath is not set properly. you forgot to include the jar file of weblogic.