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  1. Servlet Deployment in weblogic.....pls help urgent (2 messages)

    I have compiled the servlet and it is in the package "stocktr".
    I have made the following changes to the weblogic.properties file:


    And I have placed the servlet in the directory: E:/weblogic/myserver/servletclasses/stocktr/UserRegistration_Servlet.class

    The HTML page which is calling the servlet is in the directory : ../public_html/reg.html

    The ACTION tag has the following attribute : "stocktr.UserRegistration_Servlet"

    I am getting Error 404 when i press the submit button.

    Please let me know where am i wrong and what do i need to do urgently.


  2. Hi sagar,

    Try copying the servlet classes to


    But what you are doing is not deployment its just using the servlet without deployment( like JWS ).

  3. Hi,

    additionally, in the action property you should use "/" instead of "."