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    Any Spring Framework success story We are planning to move from a Messaging/c++/tuxedo/Sybase client library based large backend application to java based application with JMS/web services /JDBC in the mix. Alternatively I came across the Spring Framework and very much keen on exploring this option. I was wondering if any one has a success story to share using Spring Framework. Thanks Raees Uzhunnan
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    Hi Please check this presentation: http://www.bejug.org/confluenceBeJUG/display/PARLEYS/Voca%2C+a+Spring+case-study VOCA, a Spring case-study by Nick Masterson-Jones and Rod Johnson at SpringOne 2006 Also, here is a list of some of the Spring users too: http://www.springhub.com/component/option,com_weblinks/catid,36/Itemid,56/ Thank you Slim Baltagi http://www.SpringHub.com
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    Hell no, I have no time to mess around with weird error messages to track down. I would much prefer to write my own code.
  4. oops forgot to add, I also strongly believe DI provides very little value if not at all. I would much prefer service locator over DI. I hate to see my application being integrated with bunch of configuration files.