XML & Web services: How to integrate a Hibernate Application with Web Services?

  1. Hello all, I've done a web application with Hibernate 3.0, it is working fine, but now i must integrate it with a web service. I wil take an entity from my working application and put it on my web service, so the application will call this entity not anymore localy, but from this webservice... Is there any way you guys can help me? Also, i built my application with the netbeans plugin http://nbxdoclet.sourceforge.net/FirstHibernate.htm and i followed this tutorial to get the basic ideas how to continue to develop everything. As i said, it is all done, but i need to make this web services integration now. Any help is welcome. ps: the web server i am using is Tomcat and the database is Mysql. thanks in advance.
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    If you were successful to do it. Could you please let me know how to do that. I am looking for the same requirement and struggling to make it work. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.