EJB programming & troubleshooting: how to do transaction by using entitybean???

  1. how to do transaction by using entitybean??? (2 messages)

    i am facing a lot of problem in entitybean managed transaction.
    The prob is whenever i am calling my method in the Entitybean for transaction then the error occered in the server is "transacion attribute have to set as TX_BEAN_MANAGED".But there is no text decleared in the EJB1.1 to specify this in the ejb-jar.xml file.
    if anybody can able to solve it please mail me in "duttagoutam at hotmail dot com"
    i will be thankful to him.

  2. I think your life will be much easier if you use
    container managed, instead of bean managed transaction,
    unless you have a need to explicitly create transaction
    inside your bean.

    Pranab Ghosh
    Independent Consultant
  3. hello dear,
    this is not the answere i am expecting !!!!
    if u really know then let me inform otherwise if u want more info to increase ur knowledge u r always welcome.