EJB design: Lost Reference to Enterprise Bean in EJB 3.0 on Netbeans 6.0

  1. Help! I have a problem that I cannot seem to resolve, I have created an Enterprise application in EJB 3.0 Consisting of Two EJB's and 126 Helper classes, and 25 to 30 JSF web pages. The product is running in Sun application Server 9.1u Glassfish V2. In the Server Tree Root Enterprise Application I am showing the the Root context for the Web application, and the Enterprise Bean, when I open th Java Source and select Enterprise Resource from the menu and Select Call Enterprise bean, select the Bean, I get this message "Enterprise bean does not support reference". What is Going on here ? Must I resort to using Context lookup in order to get a reference to the beans.
  2. Sorry for seeing this late. I saw the same problem when I attempted to reference the bean using the Local Interface, when I should have been trying to use the Remote Interface. I hope this point you in the right direction. Tony McClay