Industry news: 560 Mock Questions ( 8 Tests) for SCWCD 5

  1. 560 Mock Questions ( 8 Tests) for SCWCD 5 (1 messages)

    Enthuware has released Java based exam simulator - JWebPlus V5 for SCWCD 5 / 1.5 (about 560 questions, 8 Tests)!!! The simulator is fully java based and works on all OSs. Some features - .provides best simulation of Drag and Drop questions. .allows you to add your own notes to questions. .allows you to add study material and helpful URLs as your preparation progresses. .automatic update notification. .most missed questions test .section/chapter wise tests. and lot more ... Check out the trial version at http://enthuware.com/jwebplus
  2. I think http://www.techfaq360.com/scwcd.jsp is the best one for SCWCD 5.